• Becoming a
    parent is a lifetime

    You may wonder how to provide the best for your child and how to ensure their health for the years ahead. Some of the recent medical innovations, such as Stem Cell storage, can offer new possibilities to address previously unmet medical needs.

of stem cells.

Established in 2000, CryoSave is the largest European allogenic and autologous private stem cell bank fully authorized for transplantations by the National Swiss Agency for therapeutic products and fully accredited as a licensed Organ and Tissue Establishment for the collection, analysis, processing and preservation of stem cells from umbilical cord blood and cord tissue. With more than 330’000 samples stored and 5 storage facilities throughout the world, our long established professionalism and expertise is recognised by the medical community providing the basis for a strong and reliable organization.

  • Highest security

    Robust systems ensure full traceability and confidentiality of data to guarantee total security and privacy protection.

  • Technological advancement

    State-of-the-art Central Laboratory in Geneva featuring fully validated processes and equipment gleaned from the latest technological developments in biomedical engineering.

  • Swiss standards

    Uncompromising quality and excellence. Mandatory compliance with the most stringent standards, NetCordFact guidelines and GMP Pic/S.

  • Best data protection

    Secured facility, stringent quality control of all parameters and dual storage guarantee the physical security of the cryo-preserved samples.

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