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Our Services.

CryoCord service offers you the possibility to store your baby’s Umbilical Cord Blood for 25 years. Your Natality kit provides you with everything needed to collect the Umbilical Cord Blood.

CryoCord+ service offers you the possibility to store the Umbilical Cord Tissue as well, in addition to the regular offer of CryoCord. Your Natality kit includes everything you will need to collect both cord blood and cord tissue and to keep them safe and protected during transport to the lab.

Our services include.

Processing and cryopreservation in our State-of-the-Art Central Laboratory in Geneva the most advanced in Europe.

Processing Kit, specifically designed for our Customers.

Sepax 2 Processing System, the most efficient volume reduction system in the world.

CryoSave’s unique NX-322 Protocol for the Highest Recovery Cell Separation.